We are always looking at finding something new and special for our customers.  Nowadays, many are looking at the ‘superfood’ options so we thought we would bring you “Naughty and Nice Muffins” – half guilty and half good!!

Why is Acai a superfood?  Because it is a good source of fibre and heart-healthy fats.  But best of all it has antioxidants that strengthen our immune system and protect against cancers.  Some believe it has all sorts of wonderful outcomes like preventing ageing, lowering cholesterol to increasing energy but there is no research to prove this.  Bottom line is berries are good for you and acai is high in antioxidants and could have benefits for your brain, heart and overall health.

Where does Acai come from?  Found on the acai palm tree in the South American rainforests and the look a lot like grapes…. so a palm tree growing grapes;) The seed is different to a grape as is about 80% of the berry and the flesh and skin are the remaining 20% but these are packed with vitamins and even better still are only 70 calories a cup!  That is why they are also referred to as ‘purple gold’.

What does Acai taste like?  Well if you love chocolate you will love acai – how good is that!  The initial taste will have a hint of chocolate and some people say it is like a cross between a blackberry or raspberry with an added piece of chocolate so is perfect in smoothies and especially yummy in a muffin!!